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Hi, we are Mark and Donna Gibson

We opened Boing! in the fall of 2002 after visiting over 800 gymnastics centers in 38 states.

Between 1995 and 2002, for about six months every year, we hit the road in a big motorhome. As the author of a popular book for gymnasts (click here to learn more) Mark was in demand as a speaker in gyms all across the US and Canada. Visiting so many gyms we learned what we loved from the great gyms and in some cases what to avoid. We knew our own gym would be a fun place where all kids could come and learn real gymnastics in a low pressure environment and where moms and dads could get a break from the stresses, hassles, commitments and surprises normally associated with kids activities.

Pooling the experience of visiting hundreds of North American gymnastics centers Mark and Donna had a very clear picture of what their own gym would look like.

  • It had to have a unique name that reflected the energy of the kids it attracted (BOING!)
  • It had to be small enough to keep its friendly family run atmosphere but large enough to offer kids a real gymnastics experience.
  • Classes would be well planned out and fast paced (as little sitting around as possible.)
  • Our focus would be on challenging kids to be their best instead of having to live up to the unrealistic standard of trying to always be the best
  • It would have to be bright and colorful (too many gyms are tucked away on dark, seedy industrial complexes.)
  • It would make life as easy for parents as possible by avoiding costly hidden extras like uniforms, meet fees or team photos. We are parents too so we know what a pain it is to get surprised with hidden charges like uniforms, costumes, photos and meet fees. So we vowed not to do that.
  • Plus, we would focus on developmental gymnastics. That meant no teams so that every gymnast who walked into our purple world would get top priority.

Mark and Donna know that Boing! is a weird name for a gym, but that's the point! They wanted Boing! to be unique and special, just like the kids who tumble through its doors every week.          

We hope you get all the information you need right here. If you don't you can call us at the gym. The best time to get a real human is after 4:30 when Donna is at the front desk (if she’s not running our own kids to soccer practice). If you call us in the summer, best call before noon when we are still in the gym running camps.